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Young-ma-red-flu album
Young-ma-red-flu album

American rapper and songwriter Young M.A bounce back with a new party track called “Quarantine Party”.


The new jam “Quarantine Party” is off his newly released album titled “Red flu” which contains 7 tracks 21 minutes extended play the new project was launched on May 22- 2020.

M.A. “Quarantine hurt me coming from the state of mind of being on tour,” she said in a statement. “Moving non stop to staying still. It was a struggle for the first couple weeks. Birthday washed out. I was getting frustrated….like being on punishment when you’re a kid. I had to make a positive out of negative. We can’t be outside; let’s make music.”

Quotable Lyrics

Gucci slides, Versace robe
Big blunt, I’m in papi mode (Papi, papi)
Wake up with no fucks to give
I’m like, “It is what it is”
Ain’t got no wife, ain’t got no kids
But I got hundreds, twenties, tens (Twenties, twenties, twenties)
Still got money comin’ in
Got bitches comin’ with they friends (Hello)
Sippin’ on some Hennessy at 10 a.m. (Hello)
And we gon’ turn up in this ’til 6 a.m. (Turn up, turn up, turn up)
All them baddies, bitch, she came with six of them (Hello, hello)
And my bed is big enough for six of them (Ooh, ooh)

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