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Justin Bieber has revealed that after marrying Hailey Baldwin, he had a “little bit of an emotional breakdown.”

This was stated by the 28-year-old singer during a recent interview with Apple Music’s Ebro Darden, which was released by People.

When Bieber married Baldwin in 2014, he experienced an “emotional collapse,” according to Bieber, because his marriage didn’t fix the problems he anticipated it to.

“I remember having an emotional breakdown when I first got married because I believed marriage would solve all of my problems, but it didn’t.” “It was sort of like, ‘Man, you’re a bit of a hypocrite,'” he explained.

He added that this caused him to think about himself since he felt like a hypocrite because he expected Baldwin to “do something” that he was not doing.

“You want your wife to do something you’re not doing, and it’s hard sometimes to look in the mirror and realize, hey, maybe you’re not the person you thought you were, and that’s simply a product of trauma and life circumstances,” he explained.

Bieber explained that his “religious journey” and personal “connection with Jesus” enabled him to “not be so hard on himself and get back when life gets tough.”

“Just knowing that I’m forgiven and that he’s with me on this path, day by day, I get to become better and better and not be so hard on myself.”

“I think that’s ultimately what’s going to encourage the people of the world,” Bieber added. “It’s discouraging out here sometimes, life knocks you in the face, and it can be difficult to get back up.”

After seeing that God is “compassionate” and “loving,” Bieber concluded that it “changed everything” for him.

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