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Community Health is the art and science of maintaining, protecting, and improving all members’ health and health problems in the community that prevents this from happening.


So what are the typical health problems in the community? According to some reviews and reports, below are the specific public health issues and concerns in the community:

  • Alcohol harm
  • Food safety
  • Infectious diseases related to health care
  • Heart disease and stroke
  • Diet, Physical Activity, and Obesity
  • Prescription drug overdose
  • Teenage pregnancy
  • Tobacco use

Alcohol Problems

Drinking alcohol is a health problem, such as mental and behavioral disorders (such as alcohol poisoning), severe non-contagious diseases (such as liver cirrhosis), some types of cancer. And cardiovascular disease, violence, conflict, and road crash injuries. It is actually related to risk in the community.

Food safety

Food hazards, which are the physical determinants of food safety, including bacteria and chemical contaminants, can enter anywhere on the farm by the table.
Besides, most dangers are undetectable when buying or eating these foods. Similarly, the food itself can have serious adverse effects on people with allergies.

Infectious diseases and health care

Illness is a public health problem. And today, many infectious diseases rarely occur in the population.
Similarly, others, including the more serious ones, are rare and cannot be disseminated wildly in the community. However, many infections need to be clearly looked at and tracked in the community.

Heart disease and stroke

There are actually several types of heart disease, including heart failure, cardiomyopathy, and arhythm disorders (arrhythmias).
Besides, coronary heart disease and stroke mortality are declining sharply, but heart failure mortality is rising. Heart failure is an expensive and devastating illness.

Prescription drug overdose

Overdose can be accidental or intentional. This happens when a person takes more than the doctor recommends.
However, some people are more sensitive to certain drugs, so the lower limit (more dangerous) of the drug can be toxic to them.
Similarly, dosages that are still within acceptable medical use may be too high for your body. The cause of overdose is accidental or deliberate abuse.

Teenage pregnancy

Teen pregnancy health concerns include the social and emotional health of teenage mothers’ children.
Moreover, teenage mothers cannot provide their children with adequate medical care, nutrition, and sufficient social and cognitive stimulation.
The risk of these children being neglected and abused has also increased. This carries the risk of poor academic performance and other social problems (such as drug and alcohol abuse).

Tobacco use

Tobacco use has the most significant adverse effects on human health, and there have long been genuine concerns about the impact of tobacco use on persons’ health.
Moreover, the research focuses on smoking. Similarly, tobacco smoke contains more than 70 cancer-causing chemicals.
Besides, tobacco also contains nicotine, a highly addictive psychotropic drug. If you smoke, nicotine can cause your body to die.
Diet, Physical Activity, and Obesity
A community effort is needed to reverse the obesity epidemic, and community work must focus on promoting healthy eating and living in all circumstances.
Besides fighting obesity is a significant priority in reducing the burden of chronic disease. The clinical guidelines focus on the role of primary care in obesity prevention.


Community health problems affect all of us in the community, and we need to find solutions that improve our collective wellbeing.

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