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Sports are a big part of the social scene around the world. Similarly, people always wonder, what are the three types of sports? And we are here to answer this intriguing question.


So what are the three types of sports? Ok, well you will see people from different disciplines playing different sports around the world. Besides, there are hundreds of other sports. And the Olympics alone have thirty-three different sports.
Similarly, the only way to break it down to the three types we have chosen the three major categories
Land sports – These are any sports that happen on land, including athletics.
Aviation sports – These are the sports that happen in the air.
Water Sports – These are the aquatic sports that happen in water.

Land Sports

Land sports are sports and games that take place on land, such as rugby, golf, cricket, football, and horse riding. Besides, there are several reasons why land sports are so popular. However, the most practical reason is that most people are on land, making it easier to perform these sports. Similarly, one of the most popular sports on land is football.
Football – This land sport also has the name soccer in the United States and Canada. Similarly, soccer is actually the top and most popular sport in the world and has around 4 billion fans.
Similarly, football’s origin can be traced back to 19th century England, but history shows that people have been engaged in similar sports for 2,000 years. Besides, one reason for football’s popularity is that unlike other sports that require expensive equipment. Similarly, football actually only requires one ball and one foot. Therefore anyone, rich or poor, can participate in this sport.

Aviation Sports

Aviation sports involve piloting various weight classes of airplanes equipped with pistons, turboprop, and jet engines, setting records for speed, altitude, distance, duration, climb time, and lift. Similarly, the piston engine is the top engine to perform acrobatic styles in traditional and invert flight, circular flight, and single row navigation.
Besides, these sports have an early 20th-century start. Similarly, the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) has its beginning in Paris in 1905 to host international air sports events. In 1906 the Frenchman A. Santos-Dumont broke the first FAI record. The records were for speed (41,292 km / h) and distance (220 m). Besides, the first altitude record is actually set in 1909 (155 m, Latham, France).

Aquatic Sports

Water sports are sports that take place under or underwater. Here we have collected various water sports. Moreover, the common types of water sports include Surfing, cliff diving, Swimming; Wind Surfing; Water-skiing; Kite Surfing;  Surfboards; Sailing, cliff diving, synchronized diving; Water Stream, and barefoot skiing. Finally, one of the most popular aqua sports is swimming.
Similarly, swimming is actually in Greek mythology, which was the birth of the sport. However, swimming was not widespread until the early 1800s, when the British Swim Association begins organizing competitions. Most early swimmers use the freestyle or breaststroke.


Sports are excellent recreation and competitive events that people enjoy by billions around the world.

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