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Top 5 Nigerian Rap Artist
Top 5 Nigerian Rap Artist

Judging from the hierarchy of Nigerian music firms so far, it had been a joy and pride to many responsible citizens in Africa having experienced the best of Nigerian music artistes ranging from the rappers to the singers. They all had established Nigerian music firms globally and rigidly.

There are great rappers in Nigeria who had been boosting the Nigerian music firm extraordinarily with their rapping skills, these guys had been phenomenal amid rapping lyrically. Their songs will always be a thriller to admire. They are worth looking on. If you are musing to know these great stars, Below are the Top 5 Nigerian Rap artist boosting presently.


The great son of Igbo land, basically from Enugu state is a popular Nigerian rapper who is well known for his magical phenomena on converting Igbo dialect to simple rap lyrics. Despite such, he has boosted the Nigerian music firm with his hits so far creating inspiration for young rappers.

The preeminent alongside his rival and friend Olamide the boss king of Ybnl nationwide started a long way from an extremely poor root. His energy was ever satisfying and following incessantly till date. At his teenage age, he stood out for his music career and rapped in many minor rap competitions and concepts. He was infused extraordinarily and he went solo.

He had his basic debut single that boosted him extraordinary, this single was titled Obago where he professed his joy for fame and shaded his enemies. There was a tremendous fan base attracted to his name and he gained fame which even infused his wealth extraordinarily. He was energized and he further released more trending songs to date. He is currently known as the best Igbo Rapper alongside Zoro.


He is popularly known as the king of street rap having achieved fame despite his poor background. He is always described as one of the icons of the street hustlers and as an inspiration for upcoming rappers.

Olamide Adedeji is a Nigerian rapper and songwriter who is better known as Olamide. He started his music career very early at his teenage age, rapping in various minor music concept and competition. His ever-dynamic energy and passion for rap, thrust him to release his first-ever debut album which titled Rapsondi in 2011. There was no doubt of the qualities, it gave him fame and he earned a tremendous fan base to his name. He further released many other albums to his name. He has been putting a lot of effort alongside Don Jazzy on introducing new talents to the world with the lights of Lil Kesh and fire boy. He is the boss!

There’s no doubt he is one of the king rappers in Nigeria that boost the firm every single year with his songs.


The popular funny boy Who rose to fame very rapidly in recent years will always remain a great icon to the Nigerian music firm having contributed much to its aristocracy from the qualities of his satisfying rap songs. He is regarded as one of the top Nigerian rapper engulfed with intelligence who rap in deep meanings.

The bad guy knew from the root as Folarin folana is a Nigerian rapper, actor, and songwriter who was born on 27 October 27, 1990 (age 29) his tastes for his career began when he formed a group with his school friend named the schoolboys. They involved in many entertainment competitions with the group which infused his music qualities.

He went on and released his debut single featuring Yemi Alade on ‘marry me’ in 2009. It trended all over the whole nation and he gained fame and became known to everyone. There was no plummet of energy when he released his debut album titled by the name ‘wazup guy’ the qualities from the album earned him much more success which thrust his energy in releasing copious songs including his third album ’27’ which bagged him many awards.

There’s no doubt he is the king boosting the firm recently with his satisfying efforts.

M I Abaga

The Nigerian king of the rapper is well known for his phenomenal ways of rapping perfectly lyrically with English and involving much African style to it, creating a perfect hit. He is also regarded as the top king of Nigerian Rappers having contributed to its buoyancy so far.

Jude Abaga who is popularly known as M I is a Nigerian rapper, songwriter, and record producer who was born on 4 October 1981. His passion for rapping started a long way when the Nigerian music firm was still struggling for buoyancy. Despite that, he proved his worth and released hit songs. His debut single ‘crowed mentality’ introduced him to prominence and he earned a tremendous fan base. There was no delay, he went on and released his first album titled ‘Talk about’ which even infused his fan base.

There were many qualities from his albums that earned him copious awards including the best hip hop and best new act at the 2009 Mtv base in 2010. He is the boss and there’s no doubt about it.

Ice prince

The king who rose to fame with his ever remix single Oleku will ever remain an image to the Nigerian music firm having contributed to its success so far. The Dutchman is well described by his qualities of rapping very fluent and quick making a perfect vibe. He will ever remain an icon.

Panahak Henry Zamani is a Nigerian rapper and songwriter who is better known for his rapping skill and had been one of the most hardworking Nigerian rappers who had been putting a lot of effort since the start. After gaining fame with Oleku, he released his debut album titled everybody loves ice in 2011 where he proved his qualities fully and won many awards to his name.

He is currently in a rigid relationship with the Nollywood star, Rita Dominic.

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