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Grab a chance to understand how Hip Hop music artists help reshape the genre and know the best and most renowned artists from America.


Out of ten music fanatics, eight are Hip Hop lovers. This genre is more than music. Hip Hop is all about talent, passion, and an urban movement. It inspires talented and aspiring artists to display their talents. Since its establishment, society produces many artists who make many efforts to take this genre to a new level. Let us learn the top Hip Hop Music Artists in America:

1. Kanye West

Omari West is one of the artists who put great efforts into taking this genre to new heights. Who can either love or hate him? There is no standing in the middle. Well, many people out there hate him for his rude and disrespectful behavior. He is full of himself at a time, making him draw many critics. He has two sides, and millions of his fans from across the world enjoy his music. He is creative in bet making and one of the top best rappers. Currently, West enjoys a sum of $142 million as a gross annual income.

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2. Lil’ Wayne

Dwayne Michael Carter, also Lil’ Wayne, is a Hip Hop artist born with a unique talent.  It speaks for itself and even sells itself. Did you know that Lil’ made his first debut at the age of nine years? He emphasizes that Hip Hop has no age limit in his songs, and it does not discriminate. It brings people from across the world together!

3. Action Bronson

Even though Lil’ Wayne insists that hip hop has not aged, Action Bronson or Arian Asllani emphasizes that it has no religion. He is a product of a Jewish mother and a Muslim father. He grows under Muslim customs and religion. Did you know that there are many Jews and Muslims in America? Bronson dedicates his time to produce good music and make discrimination a story of the past in America.

4. Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick is the type of artist who would not sugarcoat reality. He is facing the world’s grime head-on. He has many fans from across the world. He is fighting inequality in America and across the world through his masterful rap.

5. Tech N9ne

Dontez Yates opted for TEC-9 to represent his gunfire-like rap. He wants to prove it is songs that you can create and produce music. Tech managed to sell over two million units of his record label, Strange Music. Everyone enjoys his songs.

6. Immortal Technique

Fellipe Andres or Immortal Technique gets his inspiration from activist topics such as wealth inequality, politics, racisms, and religion, to mention but a few. He refused to sign a deal with a record label. He is, therefore, entirely in charge of his socially inspiring work. Many people in America, as well as across the world, enjoy his music. He emphasizes racism, religion, hierarchy as well as politics. He has a unique talent for creating and producing hip-hop music.
If you are looking for something to keep you moving in the fight against racism, listen to his songs.

7. A.D.O.R

A.D.O.R or Eddie Castella is a popular hip-hop artist from America. He has a portfolio of songs such as Pete-Rock, ‘Let It All Hang Out,’ and ‘One for the Trouble,’ among others. His fans enjoy ‘Renegade Master’ because it is rich with the right message. Eddie manages to find a chance in this list because he composes and conveys a good message in his songs.
There is something unique about hip-hop music. It informs and entertains the listeners. Without a good message, your song cannot be a hit in America.

8. Drake

Drake is a rapper, songwriter, actor, singer, entrepreneur, and record producer, to mention but a few. We are simply a talented soul that has since enjoyed a prominent figure in hip-hop music. Most people came to learn about him after he popularized the Toronto Sound.

9. Nicki Minaj

Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty or Nicki Minaj is an American songwriter, rapper, actor, singer, and model. She gains public recognition after releasing mixtapes; Playtime Is Over. She is a woman that many people adore her talent from across the world. Every aspiring hip-hop singer out there wants to be like Nicki Minaj.

10. Eminem

Eminem has managed to break through the mainstream due to the censor-stoking rhymes. His music touches on rape, drug abuse, and murder, to mention but a few. He performs well while grabbing the attention as he tries to maintain his fruitful career.

11. Cardi B

Belcalis Marlenis or Cardi B. is a songwriter, actor, and rapper. She gains popularity after releasing the two mixtapes Gansta Music, Volume 1 and 2. Everyone loves her songs. We celebrate her talent across the world. She wins several awards, including the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album.

12. Jay-Z

Since he developed his craft, he makes efforts to improve his albums by tightening his flows. He managed to develop a remarkable discography with rhymes. He has amazing classics that will definitely make you love his songs.


America is the place to be. There are many things to do in this place. If you plan to take a cool vacation with your family, then put it on your list. She is the home of top artists across the world. In America, artists convey vital messages that speak against corruption, wealth inequality, racism, and religion. That is why you need to go through this list of top American Hip Hop music artists.

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