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Tarry – Burn It Up
Tarry – Burn It Up

Nigerian singer and record producer, Tarry started his musical journey with a new song, “Burn It Up.”


Supposedly, the introductory record, ‘Burn It Up,’ is an infectious number in which Tarry demonstrates his talented songwriting talents with a smooth guitar.

The song “Burn It Up” was rendered by Tarry himself. In addition, Tarry is a member of the Knight House Lord’s Empire.

Quotable Lyrics:

Turn up and loose control
Baby gimme rough jumping in my pole
She don gimme konnomi chop and go
Girlie burn it up
Girlie burn it up
Pass me all day boom boom down in my room
Cream for the boy, lick you up like soup
Make I pass u that cheque, speed it up like zoom
Girlie burn it up
Girlie burn it up like
Mami, rude gyal back it up
It’s cold here, turn it up
Other girls shut down, you shut it up
You light me up baby
As the badderman step inside, the party upload
Naso this bad gyal turn up the show
You be my link up for sure
She sey make I meet her for the velvet door yeah
This girl wan use me shine oh
Naso she just dey bump and grind oh
Bad girl wan gimme heart attack oh (yeah yeah)
Baby u don jam rock oh
Go down on you, girl u jump up oh
Bayelsa boys we no dey dull oh, oh no

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