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Chidimma Ojukwu, the accused murderer of Super Tv CEO Usifo Ataga, has stated that she is not the victim of his untimely death in a new interview with one of Nigeria’s leading news outlets.


According to the video, the joyful girl, who appears to have been freed of her worry and anxiety, promised that she is unaware of the victim responsible for Ataga’s death.

Despite the details she disclosed in previous interviews about strangling the poor CEO to death, she has publicly denied the charge, bending the story to a new degree of the purported murder.

According to her statements, she stated that when she opened their hotel door, she was surprised to see Ataga already dead, saying that she had no knowledge of his death.

Nigerians are currently reacting to the discovery in grief as a result of how she has twisted the story in many ways.

Watch the video below;