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One thing many lack knowledge on is not knowing that passion can be infatuated, maybe because of others’ succession of wealth. This is why it’s pretty much difficult to know if one’s passion on a career is actually genuine. Many are in the wrong field or career because of the infatuation of passion. It’s ever repeated somewhere or elsewhere that passion is always the key for a career but the problem is how do we know if one’s passion for a career is actually genuine.


below, we are going to discuss some key points and signs which show one’s passion for a career is real and genuine so as to avoid regrets and failure.


This is the first early sign one should note if he really wants a pure sign to know if he or she is following the right lane. Passion is sometimes supernatural in that it suits one and favors one if they follow the right way just as it leads them. A dude may be in love with one’s success or buoyancy then try to force a passion onto the career, this is so wrong for the passion is being forced. Progression can’t occur if a career is not one’s destiny, gaze around and confirm it. It’s a great sign. When you engage in a career and finds no progress either physically or internally it’s a great sign the passion is not genuine. Examine if you had earned any progress be it your qualities or wealth, if there are not many, you should find your true passion.

Dynamic love

There is always constant joy whenever you do it, you aspire to do it, you dream it, you muse doing it, if you don’t engage in such you feel unsatisfied. This is a great sign many neglects. Copious people fall victim to failure after realizing they have never aspired to their career but still, they force staying due to the desire for wealth and fame. This can result in failure because the victim is clearly in the wrong lane. Examine If there’s a constant flow of joy each time you do a particular career. If there’s a dynamism of joy, it’s clearly your passion. It’s genuine.


This is the main point of all that energizes and encourages one whenever he or she does a career. If there’s no interest in a career one will always find the activities involved so complicated. Sometimes we wonder why a music artiste would release many songs and feature many every single year, this is because it’s so glaring for him and he has a lot of interest in it. So whenever he does that, he finds it like fun, not a job. Many struggles with the activities of a career, they force energy, there is no supernatural energy that flows. That’s a great sign if you have no interest. Interest is the key to a genuine passion.


Interest without concentration is a complication referring to undergoing the activities of a career when a concentration is lost the interest becomes weak, dizziness, and complication may lunch. This is where we find people who are a victim of having a passion and great interest in a career but still finds it so complicated doing such. It’s a great sign, check if you are always concentrated while undergoing a goal. Could you forget being famished whenever you are undergoing a career activity? Can you distort a favorite hubby just for a career activity? If so the passion is genuine but if it’s vise versa you are on the wrong lane.

No limitations

limits count when there’s no genuine passion. As a singer, if there’s a real passion you would one day wonder how you have come up in releasing hundreds of songs to your name in just 3 years. That’s the great sign one’s passion is real. Some had slumped back just releasing few songs and gave up. This is a pure sign. Check if you desire limitations, if there’s one, you are on the wrong lane.