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Shatta Wale Discusses Family Issues, Claims Mum Abandoned Dad Days After Mom Called Him Out [VIDEO]

Shatta Wale, a Ghanaian dancehall singer, has stated that his mother’s decision to abandon his father caused him to have a tough upbringing.

According to a YouTube report, the dancehall artist stated that if it hadn’t been for his mother’s decision to flee from home, his father’s grand ambitions for their family would have come true.

When he told his father about his inability to catch up with the numerous courses they were taught in Senior High School (SHS), his father chose to relocate their family to the United States, he claimed, describing how his mother’s decision made his life very difficult.

“I’m from a broken home. My mother left my father some time ago when we were young. When I was in SHS 1, we used to study about 13 subjects in a day and I didn’t have the mind for that; my brain isn’t a factory.

So, I told my father that I can’t continue that. “At that time, he wanted all of us to relocate to the states, Miami to be precise. He had a contract there and wanted all of us to emigrate to the U.S.

My mother didn’t think about my father’s plans and left him. She ran from home and left us. My father tried tirelessly to get her back. God is our witness. As a result of that decision, I grew up in hard conditions,” he said in a Facebook live video.

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