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May I use this medium to salute the membership of this highly influential organization, to praise them for their achievements, and to congratulate their supporters and sponsors for their recorded success? I use this also to appreciate all the blood-thirsty men of this nation. The brains behind the massive killings and the looting in Nigeria, congratulations! Your handwork is gaining global recognition!! You are really great!!!


However, I wish to bring to your notice the indubitable and unchangeable fact that “MAN MUST REAP EXACTLY WHAT HE SOWS”. I wish to let you know that in this era, this 21st century, this age of the internet, in which every part of the world is under one form of government or the other, that any individual, group of people, religion, or system that neglects the constituted authority (local or international), defy the natural law (DO GOOD AND AVOID EVIL) by the violation of the sanctity of human blood, and yet claims to serve God, cannot be anything better than a fraudulent satanic system. With time the system must account for its actions. This is because action and reaction are equal and opposite, and everything in the world respects the principle of sowing and reaping.


God of course is at the center of all histories, and in the dynamism of history, God’s revelation keeps growing as man develops. Hence, one is left with no doubt that if God forgave the ancient despots that trampled the weak in the stone age, (at the time when there was no government), he may not pardon the person who tramples and pillages people with impunity in the 21st century when options are multiplied for the civilized and peaceful settlement of every issue. Fulani Nationalists, owing to the level of world civilization today, the machinery for the resolution of every conflict is already set in place, but unfortunately, you chose not to explore any because you trust your arms, the Federal government support, the foreign military aid, and your strategy. Remember all these are man-made. They are not Devin and hence not supernatural, and human efforts are not absolutely dependable.


However, I respect you for your courage and gut, your super network, the cohesion of your organization, the precision of your operations, I congratulate you also for the efficiency of your system. I will thank in a special way the people behind you like president Buhari, El Rufai, and other Fulani elites for the achievement you have made so far, they are evidently pointing fingers at you.

In all sincerity, I appreciate the leadership of the organization for six reasons:
1. Your bold admittance of what you do.
2. Your outright declaration of your intention and mission.
3. Your readiness to shoulder the responsibility for your actions.
4. Your strong protection for the people you lead.
5. Your readiness to die for what you believe.
6. Your courageous determination to achieve your aims.
I am yet to see such in any other system in Nigeria. (Please I request that you maintain these good qualities even when you must have repented and accepted civilization and imbibed Jesus apex morality of (DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT YOU WOULD WANT to be DONE TO YOU).


However, I wish to call your attention to the fact that you bracketed God out from your project.
In all you claimed and all you proposed, you never remembered to say: ” IF GOD PERMITS “.
By implication, you are undertaking this project without God. You have the weapons, the fund, the manpower, the whole of the Nigerian security system, and probably some foreign forces behind you. You have president Buhari, whose script you play according to the CBCN. You also have the support of other Fulani elites who node at you as you trample upon your fellow human beings but remember only God has the right to do whatever he wants and the power to actualize whatever he proposes. As such he has the final say about everything and he determines the result of every battle.


My dear Fulani brothers: Buhari, El Rufai, Atiku, and other Fulani elites I wish to bring to your notice that your silence over this heinous evil, communicates a wonderful massage to us and transmits serious information to the world. The message communicated is that Badu Salish Ahmadu and his Fulani Nationality Movement are carrying out your assignment, and the information transmitted is that the Fulani have neither interest in civilization nor value for human blood.
These have been noted, it is also important that I should let you know that the blood of these men is being shed in the name of the whole Fulani race and that most certainly an account must be rendered for the blood. This is because according to Alhaji Dr. Ahmed Abubaka Gumi: “Blood is the most expensive thing”.


It is also very important for you to know that any religion or system that pays no attention to the sufferings and pains of man irrespective of his creed or inclination, cannot be of God. Such a system must most likely be a representation of hell.

Let this also be known to you, that owing to the level of development and civilization in the world today, that anybody that uses, encourages, or recommends violence and massive destruction of men and property in this 21st century as the appropriate approach for the actualization of one’s claims must either be a beast or a demon.

This is the 21st century and not the stone age. God couldn’t have judged the ancient people for not using the method or system that was not yet in place at their time.
If the ancient men were forgiven for their crude and uncivilized approaches in their human relationship with one another at the time when there was no government, the people who do the same thing they did today (in this present age), despite the modern civilization of this internet age, cannot escape judgment. This is because God had already prepared the ground for peaceful coexistence of all races, languages, religions, and peoples, and has set the stage for a peaceful resolution of all differences.


Badu Salisu, Buhari, El Rufai, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN! You are neither representing Northern Nigeria nor the Islamic religion – you are simply up to evil. No race and no religion can encourage you in the 21st century to do what you are doing today to the people of the Middle Belt of Nigeria and the Christians of this nation. I say again, you are on your own.


For this reason, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and for the sake of peace, I ask you to repent and desist from your evil because man must reap exactly what he sows. You should of course know that evil begets evil. Who else do you think should pay for this blood that is flowing? Against whose families do you think the blood is crying?
REPENT NOW BECAUSE THERE IS YET TIME FOR YOU. It is not yet too late, but you must act fast. Repent before it is too late!


Badu Salisu and the FUNAM, looking at what you have done, considering what you claim, and thinking about what you threaten to do, I have no doubt that you are not with God.
In all your claims, you conspicuously excluded God who created the great and the humble, the father of all races, the giver of life, to whom every religion claim to pray and to whom everything must be accounted.


Badu and the FUNAM, I insist that you reexamine your mission and reassess your motive. This is because I am sure that God cannot give you this bloody task. The all-loving and all-good God would not be part of this violent task you undertake without having exploited every peaceful option. Secondly, you are not serving God, because every service to God must respect the dignity of the image of God (human beings). Thirdly, you are not servants of God because every servant of God has a deep concern for the innocent. Remember our father Abraham’s appeal to God in favor of the innocent residents of Sodom and Gomorrah.
In your case, you kill and displace, pillage, and destroy even those who out of their conditions lack the capacity to offending you. The aged, the sick, the invalid, the pregnant women, children, visitors, worshiping congregation, even priests at the altar. Remember, despite the religious affinity God has never appointed you as his judge. It is not your duty to judge, condemn or punish those who do not believe in him or serve him well. To be assigned such a duty by your Allah presents him as a weak god that could not have his way unless he is assisted by man.
I am sure that if (your Allah) is God, he is not weak and does not depend on you for the achievement of his goals.


Badu Salisu and FUNAM, stop claiming to be doing evil at the instance of God!
Desist from that, because such claims of yours blasphemously belittle (Allah).


Take this warning seriously, because God whose name you blasphemously drag to the mud may decide to defend his name which you blaspheme, and of course you know God’s reaction may have long-lasting, devastating, and disastrous effects.


Badu and the FUNAM, have you ever asked yourselves: Why is it that these Christians have refused to react? Do you think it is because they are too afraid of you? Do you think it is because they are too weak to withstand you? Far from these, the reasons are:
1. We have the ALMIGHTY AND UNSTOPPABLE GOD who has the capability of defending and fighting for us at any point and to every length.
2. Every human blood belongs to God and should not be shed.
3. Our Lord Jesus Christ insists that violence goes by violence.
4. Every person’s blood is sacred, including that of a brother, neighbor, friend, Christian, non-Christians, and even the enemy.
5. We are following the examples of our Lord Jesus who did not fight back his executors but allowed them to kill him on the cross but after thee, days he resurrected, ascended into heaven, took his position at the right hand of the father and he as the universal king rules over the whole human race religious inclination notwithstanding.

6. Ours is the God that acts at his own chosen time and according to his own chosen method.
7. On our own part as Christians, to take up arms against you is as bad as relegating our God to the background or breaking our covenant with him.
8. From the inception of your onslaughts we presented the case to him and ever since we have been praying and disturbing him to take up the battle and from his assurance, we are not afraid of the result.
9. Our God is the mighty one in battle, and according to historical records he had handled much greater battles.
10. We leave everything in the hands of our God and look up to him for what he may want. He may choose to defend us, he may choose to protect us and he may also choose to sacrifice us to his own glory. His choice is ours.


These having been said, Badu and FUNAM, I insist, reexamine your motive and seek the face of God directly now. Stop relying on any outdated doctrine or old claims, because it is likely you are making this journey without God and unfortunately, history has it that nobody that journeyed without God ever returned.

Rev Fr Dennis John Chukwubuzor Attah.

(Catholic Diocese of Nsukka. (Living for Truth)

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