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Promote Music/Video

Promotion of fan base and souring of new songs from upcoming artists are pretty much easier with Xclusivepop for there are copious listeners who visit our site every single day.

We assist music artists in the promotion of their songs and fan base, setting up their talents exposed to the whole world for recognition so they can show their quality.

Having thousands of listeners, it’s a satisfying opportunity to promote with Xclusivepop for it paves great ways for upcoming artists to display their talents to the thousands of listeners around the whole globe.

Xclusivepop provides you with satisfying sounds and vibes from your favorite music artist or even new quality artists.

Xclusivepop promotes audio and music videos from famous artists, average artists, and upcoming artists from any continent or country.

Features for members

Members will be assisted with the promotion of their songs via top social media like Facebook and Instagram. It shall be displayed for the listeners at Instagram and Facebook

Members’ songs will be exposed to the already thousands of listeners for recognition.

There will be an official page for each member in Xclusivepop which states the Guinness of the member attracting people’s trust in the member.

Members songs will be among the top songs of our monthly mixtapes

There will be many downloads of members’ songs counting from the thousands of listeners.

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