The UN Children’s Fund has exposed actress Nkechi Blessing’s ex-lover Opeyemi Falegan for a scam.

Opeyemi Falegan used his Instagram page to ask for donations for his foundation, stating that he would send the money directly to UNICEF and urging his followers to help.

UNICEF, on the other hand, has distanced itself from the post, claiming that they are unaware of the false gift and that all real fundraising campaigns are hosted on the organization’s website and certified social media sites.

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UNICEF warned the public not to fall for Nkechi Blessing’s ex-girlfriend Opeyemi Falegan’s con.

Following UNICEF’s statement, Opeyemi Falegan deleted the photo from his Instagram profile after being criticized by certain netizens.

The post read: UNICEF Nigeria is aware of a fictitious donation drive to raise funds for UNICEF. Please be aware that all legitimate campaigns for donations are hosted on the UNICEF website and verified social media pages. Do not fall victim to this scam!

Nkechi Blessing tendered an unreserved apology to the general public for lying about being married to Ekiti State politician Opeyemi Falegan.

In a post on his Instagram page, Nkechi Blessing warned Opeyemi Falegan to remove her name from his mouth, stating that she had walked out of the relationship since her last visit to London.

Nkechi Blessing added she was never married to Opeyemi Falegan and apologised to everyone who had thought and felt they were married.