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You could imagine from afar how the skin of your favorite celebrity glow with no single spot which bemused your thinking keeps you worried about why they are always free from pimples. Celebrities have more time for their skin more than we do, we may just have our baths severally and apply cosmetics then plodded out for our several activities but these people are endowed with secrete knowledge about getting rid of pimples which most of the victims of pimple don’t know.

Pimple is caused by the combination of germs, dirt, and oil present on one’s skin especially the face. knowing the cause one can easily understand some good Remedies to tackle pimple. The only way to be free from pimples is to seek for a way to eliminate those sources of it from your body. Its true human can’t be 100% free from germs but it’s nice you at Least be 80% free referring to skin germs. Dirt invites germs for they love a dirty environment, if you could stay clean, you shall be free. Oils are sourced from excessive oil foods, abstain from them, and be free. There are home remedies to follow for a perfect cure, surgery is never the answer and this could save your money. Below are the remedies

Bath three times daily

As mentioned earlier, pimples are caused by the combination of dirt, germs, and oil present on the skin. Germs are very uncomfortable with a clean environment, it’s very hard to see them on a clean environment, sometimes we ponder how possible they exist on our body, it’s a no confusion for we contacted them ourselves, unknowingly. it could be through the air, the foods we ate, through a handshake and so on.

Constant baths can extort about 98% of all these minor skin germs which causes skin irritations like pimples the same applies to dirt and oil. When we bath constantly with a medicated soap and apply our prescribed cosmetics, the skin will be surely free from irritations and glow.

The best-prescribed bathing status for pimple victims is three times daily if this is done. They are definitely going to be free from pimples.

Dab hot water on your face

Almost every micro Organisms cant survive a high degree of temperature, that’s why the application of hot water had been a great home remedy to eliminate pimples.

It’s never done by endangering your skin by applying it roughly rather get a clean towel and soak it with full hot water then dab them gently on the affected areas. Make sure it’s done gingerly so as to avoid injury. Do it three times daily.

Apply metallic powder and cream

The metallic environment according to scientists, is never a satisfying environment for germs, especially minor skin germs. Get a metallic powder or cream and apply it on the affected areas. It’s pretty much good if you apply after bathing and the application of hot water Do it daily.

Abstain from excessive oil foods

This is the main source of pimples that many neglect. Oil can never exist on one’s skin if he or she doesn’t consume foods enriched with excessive oils. Foods like chocolates, steamed groundnuts and egg rolls, etc are enriched with excessive oil which had been causing pimples to many. Avoid them, if you can’t, take them a little.

Stay away from the sun

The sun rays capacity is capable of combining the dirt and oil present on one’s skin which causes pimple. Have you ever wondered why rich men’s children or family are always glowing? It’s because they are away from the sun and it will be so hard for irritations to occur.

Staying away from the sun will not only eliminate pimples but will make your skin glow and save you from being sunburned. If you work under the sun daily, get a hat.

Don’t burst them

The stubborn ones would always force you to damage your skin. This had been the main source of dark spots. While bursting it, you could tear your skin which will cause dark spots. If you notice huge symptoms apply toothpaste.

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