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Nigerian actor turned politician,  Desmond Elliot has responded back to the currently popular trolls involving his name, which has elicited spanked reactions online.


The House of Assembly member who once referred to youths as children during a plenary has become a target of trolls in Nigeria, as disgruntled Nigerians portray him as the embodiment of blame, the country’s trauma, and problem.

The actor, on the other hand, has shown that he is aware of the trend and has demonstrated some palliative dance moves to demonstrate that he is unconcerned.

Desmond Elliot: Why Nigerian lawmaker and nollywood actor name no gree comot youth dia mouth for social media - BBC News Pidgin

According to him, he outlined that he is not irked over how Nigerians are dragging him on social media platforms_ says he will do better.

In his words, he said:

“I have seen & read a lot about me trending back-to-back for days, y’all want me to do better and surely, I will do better….” 

“On a lighter note, I think my dance instructor is dong a great job, one day, one day, I go sabi dance.”

“Have a great day ahead!”

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