David Adeleji who is popularly known as Davido had been proving his qualities on music since years back, bagging many awards, internationally and nationwide. After his debut album which gave him fame he has been a pride for Nigerian music lovers but despite this, he had shown his weaker side for women with his relationship status so far, engaging in Many relationships with many girls, getting some pregnant.
It’s a show to consider how far it has gone and when it started. Below is Davido’s relationship status so far.

Sophia Momodu

Earlier After his fame, this was the first shock amid his relationship with a cousin to the ovation boss known as Dele Momodu.

Davido and Sophia just met in one night and had an affair where he got her pregnant and she patiently bore the child when Davido enrolled in a DNA test which announced him as the father.

There was no doubt, he admitted it but tried to take the child fully from her mother when alleged infidelity of Sophia smoking weed while breastfeeding the baby. Davido never found it satisfying and demanded a custody battle which was unfortunate, the lady won but there is still a relationship status between her and davido which is parental love on the child not as lovers.

There has been satisfying care from Davido to the daughter so far, making sure the necessary responsibilities are done perfectly.


Not so long when the whole nation thought everything was over he came up with another surprising relationship status with a beauty model whom he met on his business trip to the US.

They enrolled in satisfaction of feelings and he got her pregnant making her the mother of his second child.

Davido’s love for fatherhood resulted in getting Amanda pregnant, there was no need for DNA for the child resembled davido 100%.

Amanda has been seen as one of his baby mama who never gave him troubles amid parental care, despite such Davido never fails to give out his best.

Ayomide labinjo

not so long when everyone thought things are normal a girl came up with an alleged accuse that Davido got her pregnant in 2013 making him the father of his 7 years old daughter.

The news got to the air and there was copious seriousness which drove them to the court and even DNA. Everything was unfortunate to labinjo when DNA test resulted in negative, she was denied her choice and belief.

She never stopped claiming Davido is the father to her child despite the test as she claims the doctor was bribed. There has not been caring from Davido so far, It seems to have faded now.


In 2018, everyone was shocked and astonished how the popular guy known for his bad relationship status fell wholly in love with a simple local girl Chioma. It seems not jocular when the viral song named assurance was dedicated to her making her the first-ever baby mama he sang for.

People kept doubting of possible true love when he proved all wrong buying a car worth 45 million for her and another flashy expensive tour they had together.

Earlier 2020 she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy making Davido a proud father of a son. This increased his love for her and he got her engaged. There are possible states of tying the knot which they said will happen in 2020 but many are still in doubt. Hopefully, it may happen.

People are hoping he will settle with Chioma amid the great signals he shows almost all day but no one can tell tomorrow. He is also known for the love he has for her cooking skills which gave her her Instagram name chef chi.

This is his relationship status so far, we hope he won’t go further than this.