Comedian Josh2Funny gifts his wife Bina a Mercedes Benz

Josh2Funny, a comedian, has given his wife, Bina, a Mercedes Benz.

She expressed appreciation to her spouse in the caption of her post, noting that Josh2funny had done so much for her that she couldn’t tell. Bina also expressed gratitude to her spouse for being loyal to his words after she answered yes to his marriage proposal.

”The gratitude in my heart is full it’s not any special day but you made it special my love how do I thank God how do I thank you my love there’s so much to say to you, it’s God in heaven who will reward you for all you do there so many great things you do I can’t offload all but for sure I’m glad I said yes to you and I’m happy I trusted the process you promised it will only get better and you never stopped proving to me that your words are true thank you my husband what a pleasant surprise ”she wrote

Below is a video of Josh introducing the automobile…

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