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Celebrity Barman, Cubana Chief Priest presents his ex-boss with 46 cows for his mother’s funeral.

Nigerian celebrity bartender, Cubana Chief Priest has given his former boss Obi Cubana a total of 46 cows for his mother’s burial.


The 46 cows were said to represent Obi Cubana’s age, as others wondered why he spent so much money on a truck of cows for his friend.

On July 14, he took to Instagram and published videos of the gift presentation, professing his pleasure, which got people talking.

Obi Cubana and Cubana Chief Priest were business partners who split up when the results became so high and beneficial.

Obi Cubana will bury his mother in Anambra, his hometown, this week.

Cubana Chief Priest is well-known for his ostentatious lifestyle, as evidenced by how he spends his money on a grand scale.