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The Nigerian songwriter and singer who has proven his worth and bagged multiple music awards is in no doubt the living hero of the Afrobeat genre and he has gotten some points to prove such.

Burna Boy the king

Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, who is famously known as Burna Boy is a Nigerian songwriter and singer who rose to fame with his single “Like to party”. He was born in the city of Port Harcourt on 2nd July 1991 where he grew up and acquired his primary and secondary school educational qualifications. In 2012, Burna Boy found his peak and rose to prominence with his single “like to party” after he was signed to a record label known famously as Bad Habit/Atlantic Records in the United States and Warner Music Group internationally. He carried this record label along and dished out multiple hit songs which even infused his prominence.

In 2013, Burna Boy released his debut album which he titled: L. I. F. E. This album even infused his fame after he released the lead single out from it. People jammed to his album and his energy was restored as he earned a tremendous fan base. There was no choice but to release further hit songs which earned him his spot as the king.

There’s no doubt he is the living hero of the Afrobeat genre following his qualities after he collaborated with Zlatan Ibile and released a super thrilling song that left the whole Nigerians dancing in full energy. He further got nominated in the Grammy annual music award years after he released his second studio album: “African Giant” which added to his name as one of the list Nigerians that made it to the grammy. It was clearly unfortunate after he lost to the African queen, Angelique Kidjo for the best international album of the year.

Following his weakness, the Nigerian king never surrendered to his failure and infused his energy. Despite the trolls he recorded from the bittered Nigerian citizens, he never succumbed to failure and did release another album the following year. People were astonished following his consistency for his tracklists were a banger.

Most wondered why it always emerged so real according to his claim which has so far derived us to his old claim via his iconic vows.

In Burna Boy recent interviews, he has on several notes announced his qualities and also promised to keep his consistency real_ says he would be releasing multiple songs, probably, an album every year. This also left his fans bragging.

Shock also arose when he was announced a nominee in the 64th annual grammy awards for the second consecutive time in a row. Everyone emphasized his qualities which kept him high, however many people doubted him. He proved all wrong and emerged as the second Nigerian to have ever laid their hand on the highest music award, the Grammy after he surpassed his other nominee and emerged as the winner of the best international album of the year. Celebration spanked as Nigerians flaunted his qualities.

Currently, from commends so far, Burna Boy is regarded as one of the biggest artists in Nigeria. Top artists dream to feature him.

Reasons why he is the living hero of the Afrobeat genre

He has also proven that he is the living hero of the Afrobeat genre in various ways and here are some reasons why he is fitted to the highest hierarchy he is currently at so far.

We have explored and gathered these five points which has best described the Nigerian songwriter and singer, as the living hero of the Afrobeat genre.

5 reasons why Burna Boy is the living hero of the Afrobeat genre

His singing qualities and consistency

Starting from the qualities he displayed in the single, “Like to party” to the other songs he has dished out so far, Burna Boy is in doubt the face of the African music firm. His consistency in making all his songs a hit best described him as the African hope.

The African music lovers can now proudly stand out and say: “Yes! Burna Boy is the living hero of the African music firm” following how he has made them so proud currently in the global system. There’s is no doubt he is the living hero of the Afrobeat genre.

The 64th Grammy annual Award winner

It’s incredible how he has done what many stars in Nigeria dream to have in a few years. This is one of the reasons why Nigerians flaunt him as the best.

Burna Boy stormed the world by shock and surpassed his nominees to win the Grammy Award in the category of the best international studio album.  This has so far staked him as the second Nigerian music artiste to have set their hands on the Grammy music Award.

In no doubt and having done this, Burna Boy is currently one of the biggest music artists in Nigeria. He is also the living hero of the Afrobeat genre.

Rapid mysterious successor 

We don’t know how he does it, but the Nigerian songwriter and singer has left Nigerians in shock at how he emerged at the highest rank of hierarchy in few years.

Many Nigerian top artists, spent almost 20 years striving to the top before they achieved such but Burna Boy made it look easy amidst his qualities.

Before Burna Boy gained his recognition, he was already signed to a record label which was unlike the other Nigerian music artists; they strived hard before they were signed. He is the king.

The face of the Nigerian music firm

This sounds pretty much competitive because there are enormous top stars in the Nigerian music firm but Burna Boy has claimed this spot because he is the world artiste’s favourite when we refer to collaboration.

Burna Boy has already featured numbers of the world top stars like; Diddy, Justin Bieber, Sia, DJ Kahlid and Pop Smoke. This has best proven that Burna Boy is the face of the Nigerian music firm.

The King of hit songs

The Nigerian songwriter is in no doubt the living hero of the Afrobeat genre following his consistency in converting all his songs to a hit.

Nigerians would always profess the qualities in Burna Boy by dancing and streaming his songs. This instils that all Burna Boy songs are hits because the Nigerian music lovers are terrible to please_ your songs should be hit before they could stream them.

Burna Boy is in no doubt the living hero of the Afrobeat Genre. Africans are also proud of him.

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