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BBTitans: Ebubu and Tsatsii (The Royals) Dresses like High school students as This week Tails Of The House punishment(Video)

The previous Head of House is now the current Tails of the House following nominations on Monday evening and a heartbreaking defeat in the games.

The Royals received a severe punishment from Biggie, who also gave them school uniforms and backpacks to wear for the length of their sentence in keeping with the “Back to school” motif.

They now have two sets of school uniforms because to Biggie. They must wash their uniforms every day because they cannot wear the same one the next day.

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Also, the Royals were told to travel with their backpacks. This includes trips to the restroom, showers, and bedtime rest.

After that, Biggie changed the punishment by announcing that everyone in the house will take part and be sent to the “naughty corner.” Ebubu and Tsatsii are required to follow this order.

Nelisa was charged with making a daily roster listing which couples will send the Royals to the Naughty corner in her capacity as head of house.

Housemates jokingly handed out the naughty corner order while finding Biggie’s punishment hilarious and appreciating the responsibility it brought.

The Royals put on their school uniforms right away and were prepared for a class act. As Tsatsii flaunted her short skirt and high heels, Ebubu wasn’t amused and didn’t appear too happy about the punishment.

See the video here:

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