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Former BBNaija participant Angel Smith revealed her top fear regarding marriage as a social institution.

The brand influencer said it is unsettling to have to sleep with their spouse without protection, regardless of whether they know their partner is cheating or not.

She claims that due to the higher likelihood of infidelity and the fact that many faithful couples catch STDs from unfaithful partners, one can use protection in a relationship but not in a marriage.

She wrote:

The fact that you actually don’t have a choice about using protection—you want your spouse to be faithful, but many individuals blatantly cheat on their relationships without using protection—is, in my opinion, the most horrifying component of marriage, AT LEAST FOR ME.

“In a relationship that is not married, I can choose to only use protection, but marriage sort of scraps that notion off the table, and I am too much of a hypochondriac.

I’ve heard way too many odd stories of people spreading STDs to their partners or marriages, and I don’t want anything to do with that.

When the husband revealed to his wife that he had HIV, she rapidly deteriorated. He made the decision to wait until she was about to d*ing before telling her that this was the reason of her illness. Dog, I’m going to say no.

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