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As things continue to heat up between the housemates, the ‘Level Up’ season may be described as a season of gbas gbos.

It hasn’t even been a week, and housemates are already trading words.

In the first home, Phyna and Amaka got into a heated disagreement.

What may have been a minor misunderstanding between the ladies almost erupted into a nasty brawl, but the scenario was averted thanks to the intervention of Beauty and Bryan.

Phyna recounted her side of the events, saying Amaka informed her she wanted to get inside the heads of the other roommates.

This worried Phyna, and she told Amaka that it was impossible to read the minds of housemates.

Phyna disregarded Amaka to avoid making a huge out of her words, but the latter kept pounding on them.

Phyna, who was annoyed by Amaka’s frequent talking, labeled her as ‘Manipulating,’ believing that her thoughts were strange and manipulative.

Amaka burst into tears at the thought of being labeled a “manipulator.”

Amaka retaliated with several unprintable remarks, and a brawl would have broken out if not for the intervention of other housemates.

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