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On Monday, Apple published iOS 15, its yearly iPhone software upgrade. During Apple’s virtual event last week, the tech giant said that the iOS 15 update will be available beginning September 20. This year’s iOS version features the option to use FaceTime to call Windows and Android users, new messaging integrations, map enhancements, privacy protection, and much more.

What’s new on iOS 15

iOS 15 has a slew of new features that will help you connect with others, be more present and in the moment, explore the world, and leverage strong intelligence to do more with your iPhone than ever before. Here are some new iOS 15 features.

FaceTime calls with Android and Windows devices

FaceTime was previously restricted to Apple users exclusively, but with the new iOS 15, you can now invite anybody to join you in a FaceTime conversation; even friends who do not own an Apple device may now join one-on-one and group FaceTime calls right from their browser — no login required. Users with non-Apple devices can “join using the newest version of Chrome or Edge,” according to Apple. Users can now ask their friends to join them in a FaceTime call by sharing a web link.

Apple communications now include a new integration called “shared with you.” The links, photos, and other content shared with you in Messages will now be featured in the appropriate app’s new Shared with You area. Users can answer from the related app rather than returning to Messages. If someone sends you a link to music, it will appear in the Apple Music app in a section called “Shared with You.” Photos, Safari, Apple News, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and the Apple TV app all include Shared with You.

New Memoji

Users can now customize their Memoji with new clothes and express themselves with new stickers. Users can express their individuality and style by wearing multicolored hats. Cochlear implants, oxygen tubes, and soft helmets are now available as accessibility adaptations.

Focus Mode

When you need to concentrate or move away, focus, like “Do Not Disturb,” lets you stay in the moment. This function has received additional enhancements from Apple. You may now pre-approve notifications from specific contacts in Focus. If a user is in Focus Mode and receives a text, they will receive an away message. Users can set up many Focus profiles for various scenarios such as work, play, and sleep. When a user activates Focus, a status will be displayed in Messages and any other communication applications that you have enabled.

Maps Upgrade

Maps now include augmented reality step-by-step directions, custom-designed landmarks, and a nighttime mode with a moonlight glow. Maps will also provide greater data, such as the placement of turn lanes and crosswalks, to aid in spotting traffic conditions and determining which lane to join. Maps will also include new real-time warnings that will notify users when they need to get off the bus, train, or metro before missing their stop.

Privacy Protections

iOS 15 gives you more control over how applications access your data, prevents you from inappropriate data collecting, and gives you more visibility into how apps access your data. The App Privacy Report will show you how frequently an app has accessed your microphone or location in the last seven days.

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