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Annie Idibia’s brother, Uduak Idibia has officially abandoned her sister after fans heavily implicated him in her sister’s current marriage scandal.

Annie Idibia recently called out his husband 2Baba for reportedly cheating on her, claiming that Idibia’s family has never provided her with peace of mind in her work.

Nevertheless, due of Annie’s relationship with her brother Uduak, admirers shamed him for his silence regarding the trauma.

In response to the trolls he filmed, Uduak resorted to Instagram to declare his connection with his sister. According to him, he revealed that he no longer has any dealings with her sister and that he has disowned her.

In his words, he said:

“The entity and the brand, the actress known as Annie Macaulay Idibia has ceased to be family or relative or affiliation. There is nothing whatsoever connecting me to that person or that entity or that brand or that individual anymore.”

“Don’t hit me up, don’t DM me, don’t call me, don’t text me. I’m not gonna respond to none of y’all. I’m just letting y’all aware. So don’t liken me, don’t put us in the same mix. We’re no longer in the same my”