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Actress Lizzy Gold promises she would never drive at night again after being attacked by armed robbers

Nollywood actress Lizzy Gold has described how, on Sunday, she was accosted and nearly robbed as she made her way to a set.

The mother of two explained what happened on her Instagram page and explained why she will never go by night from Asaba, Delta State, to Enugu State.

“Hello everyone, good morning,” she exclaimed. Please, let’s practice security awareness. ZERO PLACES ARE SAFE. I WRAPPED UP MY GIRLFRIEND’S PRODUCTION SUNDAY, TWO DAYS AGO. I ADVERTISED TO THEM THAT I WAS DEPARTING FOR ENUGU TO APPLY FOR A JOB. The wait for me lasted about three days. THEY ADVISED ME NOT TO TRAVEL IN THE EVENING, DESTINY, MARY. I will arrive at ENUGU quite late if I leave right now. I TOLD THEM I HAD TO LEAVE SINCE MONDAY IS NOT MOVEMENT DAY. I informed them that I had to go. AND I DID. I SPENT AROUND TWO HOURS IN TRAFFIC ON THE HEAD BRIDGE. I MADE IT POSSIBLE TO PASS THE TRAFFIC. A ROUTE YOU WOULD TAKE TO GO TO AWKA IS WHERE I CAME TO. Because I usually move very quickly, I passed the road. There, I encountered MORE TRAFFIC. I spent an additional hour in traffic as a result. VERY DARK. AT 8.30 P.M. I QUICKLY HEARD AN EXTREMELY LOUD BANG ON MY SIDE GLASS WINDOW. I was astonished. I then wound down. When a man approached, he said, “Do you know you’re in the wrong lane? I was like, hello. AIMING TO BEND MY SIDE MIRROR, HE  therefore BEGGED. I told him that I had seen several cars traveling in the same lane. He put my hands down and entered as I was about to wind up. INSTALLED HIS HEAD THERE. MY PA WAS SITTING NEXT TO ME. His companion went to the window’s order side. The man then brought his head inside the vehicle and threatened to shoot him if he made any noise. He pulled out a gun, pointed it at my stomach, and ordered me to bring everything I own out. I should give him my phone, he advised. I advised him to take cash rather than my phone because he wouldn’t be able to use it. While giving him money, I went and got some. He advised me to tell my brother to bring out all of his money. I told him that there is no money in the PA. AFTER THEY THREATENED TO KILL ME, I BEGGED THEM.

Lizzy Gold continued by describing how her assailants severely slapped her. She had to defend herself, nevertheless, by yelling, which drew other drivers, and the armed robbers left.

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