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5 WWE Star Who Shock The World With Their Movie Talent
5 WWE Star Who Shock The World With Their Movie Talent

WWE suppers had been a joy to millions of people around the globe, creating entertaining views by having clashes on themselves just to please the world. It’s a great homage from their various stars for the great sacrifices they give even now. Children feel satisfaction watching them the same applies to the adults. Due to the great talents, these stars have some had even soured more just for the accomplishment of the aspiration of the people. they had featured perfectly in Hollywood showing the capacity they have. We shall look on the stars, below are the WWE superstars who featured in Hollywood.

John Cena

The popular WWE wrestler Everyone knows had featured in many movies even the trending movie on youtube now named fast and furious. His great talent upon action scenes had earned him a huge space in Hollywood, he had been a successor not only in movies but also in the ring, having won many titles. He is one of the most wrestler with over two million fans.

The Rock

When he vanished from WWE for movies, none of his fans expected his present buoyancy in Hollywood now. He is one of the highest-paid actors after a great impact on the movie The Scorpion King and many other movies he featured in. Despite being so successful in movies he is also recognized as one of the greatest wrestlers ever had with many titles to his name.


He is always remembered with his favorite enemy in WWE Network John Cena who is said to have ended his career in WWE after destroying his spine in a match they had years back. Looking at his impacts in Hollywood, he is superb and good having featured in many movies.


The Miz

It’s never a doubt seeing his great impacts on Hollywood because in the ring he had been great with his tricks. Won the WWE World Champion which shocked everyone. He had also featured in many movies and still soured more and produced his own TV in WWE Network which he calls the Miz TV.


The only WWE wrestler who had been troubling Brock Lesner after several wins to his name. He is a talented wrestler who had featured in movies. His impact in the ring is very amazing as he is currently the WWE world champion now.

Roman Reigns

the great wrestler referred to as the big dog had been a great image in WWE firm, having a rapid breakthrough with his career after departing from their fellow called the shield. His great talent earned him a spot in the Hollywood, featuring in a movie just once so far. He is also known for his great impact so far in the ring, claiming a lot of titles.

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