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Toothache has been a global complication that has left thousands of the world’s citizens uncomfortable following its awful irritation.


It’s generally known as pain around the tooth which may be caused by holes in the teeth, repetitive rigid motions just like chewing of gums, chewing meats, tooth fracture, an infected gum and weak tooth. Most times, this occurs as a sign that something is wrong with your teeth.

Victims of this should experience Symptoms like swelling around the tooth, sharp vibrating pain and severe headache and fever.

It seems very impossible to get rid of toothache following the tremendous commends we recorded from the victims but there’s no hope to lose for we have explored and researched a possible solution from the medical teams most especially, the dentists. If you muse to get rid of toothache, check out below and thrill to these remedies.

5 natural ways to get rid of toothache 

Avoid poor tooth hygiene

This is one of the key reasons why most people fall a victim to toothache and there is no doubt about it. Poor tooth hygiene invites tooth microorganisms like bacterias that feed on the tooth gum causing severe holes and pain.

victims of poor tooth hygiene gifts bacteria’s favouritism to survive in their tooth which may be caused by food particles stocked in the tooth after eating and dirt.

Avoid poor tooth hygiene and brush your teeth severally with fluoride-containing toothpaste. Note: don’t brush more than 5 times a day.

Take antibiotics 

If there’s a swell around the tooth, it’s best prescribed that you visit a nearby chemist and get yourself some antibiotics as prescribed by the doctor.  When a victim of toothache consumes antibiotics, it would kill the bacteria and suspends its growth. They attack the walls and coats of the bacteria restraining their reproduction.

See your dentist at least twice a year

Dentists are professionals equipped with an enormous proficiency via tooth and its complications. Seeing a dentist at least twice a year would help keep your tooth healthy amidst the proper medication and care the dentist would deploy on your tooth. Get yourself a dentist.

Abstain from consuming sugary foods

Excessive consumption of Sugary foods has been one of the key pinnacles of toothache which has left thousands of the victims discomfort. This works as follows;

Bacteria’s that feed on sugar in your mouth can cause a sticky film which is famously known as plaque which erupts on the teeth and under the gum. The acid contained in the plaque causes demineralization of tooth enamel. After the enamel may have cracked or worn away. The bacterias will find it pretty much easier to dig deep inside the tooth causing some serious ache. Avoid the high rate consumption of sugary foods.

Avoid excessive consumption of frozen or hot foods. 

The excessive consumption of hot foods would weaken the enamel and exposing the soft parts of the teeth where the nerves are deployed. These hot foods or frozen foods would damage the nerve causing a toothache. Avoid the excessive consumption of frozen or hot foods. Note: this can only damage your teeth if it’s consumed repeatedly.

Toothache is never a favourable condition and this is why we should take care of our teeth. Abide by these points and stay healthy.





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